Sunday, January 1, 2012


Christmas Eve was spent the day with my family at Aaron's house.
The got to open their jammies
Ty had dinosaur jammies
The 3 grand kids got Mickey and Minnie this was the favorite by far
Ty and with Mickey he was so happy
Kylee and her Minnie and the Minnie is twice her size
After we were done at Aaron's on Christmas Eve we went over the Wayne and Julie's to stay the night and have Christmas morning with them.
The kids woke up around 7:30 but we had to wake everyone up before we could open presents and see what Santa brought.
The kids really enjoyed opening presents I am what kid doesn't like to do that.
Kylee got a princess castle for Santa
Ty started crying because he didn't want to open any more presents he just wanted to play
Kylee kept asking for another one to open
More presents
Kylee riding her new scooter on Christmas Day. Wait a minute there isn't any snow this hasn't happened since I have lived in Utah so 8 years we have always had some kind of snow.
We had a great Christmas and enjoyed our time with family.


I have been a little behind on my post so hope you have enjoyed the few I have posted. I have been busy with my first semester of nursing school but am done and going to start my second semseter in a week. I had a good first semester and enjoying my time off.
Stuggling with daddy
Kylee has to put bows on her dogs too
Kylee playing on the tablet and Ty watching but he sure looks bored.
This little turkey get puts to bed and then sneaks out of his bed and sneaks into our bed. He is so cute. This was the first night he did it and it was while I was at one of my rotations and Joe was watching the kids. I came home and couldn't find Ty when I went to check on him.
The kids playing on the play ground at the mall.


Ty ready to go trick for treating
Kylee and Ty trick or treating
Kylee with all her candy. I was out with Kylee for 3 hours because she didn't want to stop and I didn't mind staying out and trick or treating her it was a lot of fun.
The two cuties

Fun in the leaves

So one day I decided to rake all the leaves in the back yard. Well the kids wanted to help and play in them of course. They ran through them and jumped in and had a blasted playing in the leaves.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Pictures

. Family pictures taken on BYU campus by my wonderful sister-in-law Rachel

These two were so cute while taking pictures

This is my favorite one of Kylee

She is getting so big and will be 5 in January

My little Ty

This one is my favorite of this little guy he is so dang cute!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ty's Birthday and the Zoo

For Ty's birthday we took him to the zoo. He loved it! He was Ooo and Ahhing at everything. It was fun to watch both kids' reations to everything

Ty pointing at the elephants
Kylee and Joe

Looking at the monkeys

Ty getting excited because he spotted a dinosour

Ty and Kylee were terrified of the T-Rex

This one ok because it was smaller

Kylee on the train around the park

Ty loves my sunglasses

Waiting for the train

Opening presents

He got bubbles, cars, dinosours, and a tonka truck

He was scared of the candles it was funny and just cried when we sang to him. But after they were out he wanted to eat it.

What a cute little boy

When we got home he had another toy waiting for him